Sorry Millennials, only Boomers can match these gadgets to the right Sixties spy shows

I remember the arm as a child and I about freaked out, lol,


I got killed on that one. I really thought I’d nail it, but I got 9/12.
A bit disappointed that the generational nonsense is still going on.

Missed #8 and #9. #9 fooled me because I recognized the man holding the suitcase as Leonard Nimoy, so I assumed it was a “Mission: Impossible” scene, but in checking the IMDb I see that exact picture under the one “Get Smart” episode he was in.

MISSED IT BY THAT MUCH, 9 out of 12 I might as well be stuck in the cone of silence!



I loved watching all of these espionage TV shows growing up.
It would have been nifty if you had included some of the fantastic gizmos seen on The Wild Wild West and The Avengers.
James West’s sleeve derringer, or John Steed’s umbrella sword are famous to fans.

8/12. I failed my Mission. It was Impossible! LOL!

I got 3 I am destine for Lancelot Link, Secret Chump.

9/12 Get Smart was such a GREAT shoe! I mean…show (-;

No, it’s Ed Sullivan who had the “shew”…LOL!

10 out of 12

It’s amusing now to realize Carlson on Get Smart was Stacy Keach jr’s father.

Yes, when he died everyone thought it was Mike Hammer! Stacy 2.0 is still working!

8/12, actually the only one I watched was Get Smart


9/12. I was doing great until they threw me a curve on #9.

Same as your score and I have to tell you I love Joe Cool Snoopy. Gotta love him.


7/12 should’ve done better – some were so stupidly easy and then came the ep specific ?s

yikes – went down like a DC-10

”You got 6 out of 12” Looks like you self-destructed on this quiz. Better luck next time!

Maxwell Smart may have relied pretty heavily on his shoe for communication, but other articles of clothing and accessories were also available to him: “Cancel my handkerchief, hold my glasses, cut off my shoe, and see if you can get that guy off my tie.”

They made good use of spy gadgetry on Get Smart, Gilligan’s Island and maybe other shows and movies.

Think of itas CONTROL’s version of bluetooth.