Shoppers are raving about this Shark Tank gadget that’s a lifesaver for your leftovers

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Change the way you store your leftovers thanks to this innovative product. (Source: Amazon)

ABC’s hit reality show, “Shark Tank” is premiering season 14 next week, and entrepreneurs around the world are lining up to get their big idea into the market. Although, some great ideas have already been Shark Tank-approved. One of those huge successes has become an Amazon best-seller and is changing the way people think about food storage.

Make your meals last longer

Ice trays are as easy to use as freezer bags while being much more convenient. (Source: Amazon)

Ice trays are as easy to use as freezer bags while being much more convenient. (Source: Amazon)

$19.95 at Amazon

Food prep and preservation can be as easy as filling an ice cube tray. These Souper Cubes work similarly to the freezer classic, except that they’re designed for storing larger amounts of liquid ingredients.

The steel-enforced trays feature eight extra large cups with enough space to fit a full serving of soup or broth. When you make a large amount of food, you only have to fill the tray and freeze it to divide the leftovers into single-serve portions.

These freezer food trays are ideal for meal prepping. Each cup in the tray has four fill lines so you can freeze the ideal amount every time. The Souper Cubes can also be easily stacked, so buying multiple sets is a great idea for maximizing your organizational possibilities.

Customers love this unique soup-storing gadget. They’ve found multiple uses for it, such as freezing noodle dishes, chilis and even cocktail sauce.

One five-star reviewer called them a “cook for one” dream. They went on to say: “Finally! A way to freeze leftover casseroles! I enjoy cooking and trying different recipes, but cooking for one yields a lot of leftovers that eventually get freezer burn. I freeze the cubes, then pop them in a pint-sized bag and use the vacuum sealer. Perfect solution. Once wintertime comes and I fix more soup, I’ll do the same.

Storing soup has never been so simple

It’s easy to see why these Souper Cubes are an Amazon’s Choice product. Not only are they affordable, but they’ll help you save money in the long run by preserving the contents safely in the freezer. Get your own “Shark Tank-gadget” today.

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