Lodi NJ High School unveils new STEM technology labs

Two new state-of-the-art science and technology classrooms, each with a $1 million price tag, will give Lodi high school students  experience in medicine, engineering and construction technology.

The Lodi High School “STEM labs,” formally unveiled this month after a year’s delay caused by the pandemic, will also help the district retain students by remaining educationally competitive.

The biomedical and exercise sciences lab is appointed with life-size mannequins that exhibit actual medical symptoms, virtual reality goggles that simulate treatment and blood pressure monitors. There are also beeping vital signs monitors installed in a hospital-like setting complete with a curtained triage area. The engineering and construction lab is equipped with power tools, computer-controlled lathes, laser engravers and 3-D printers.

During the unveiling, high school senior Shaniya Richberg lifted the mannequin’s right arm and instructed visitors on how to take a pulse and hook a patient to an IV to collect a blood sample.

Yulianne Walker-Caban, a junior, used the mannequin to demonstrate how to intubate a patient.

Students, teachers and administrators were on hand to help Lodi High School unveil two new STEM labs in April 2022.

The visitors drew a breath, then burst into laughter when the mannequin coughed loudly.

“I’ve never had anyone fussing to get out of here. It’s a lot of fun,” said one of the teachers.

Five students, three training to be emergency medical technicians and two from the pre-med club, gave a tour of the room and its facilities. A sixth student followed with a camera mounted on a pole, recording the events. The high school’s chickens — six egg-laying Delaware hens that students in the school’s agricultural sciences and pre-med clubs maintain year-round with help from their teachers — could be seen pecking in a grassy patch outside the lab’s window.